Download AVG 9.0 Antivirus For Windows 7

By Sidharth | New Product

windows_7_logo AVG is among the best antivirus software that is available for free download. With AVG antivirus, you can clean scan your computer for malicious files and harmful trojan viruses and eliminate them quickly. AVG 9.0 is free to download for Windows 7 users.

Download AVG 9.0 For Windows 7

Windows 7 users can now enjoy using free edition of AVG antivirus software. AVG free version can be helpful for securing your pc from destructive virus and also to detect phishing techniques on the web.


Here is the download link for AVG 9.0 (Works with Windows 7, Windows Vista, XP and 2000)

  • Direct Download AVG 9.0 For Windows 7 – Click here
  • Alternate download AVG 9.0 For Windows 7 – Click here (Cnet)

Once you’ve downloaded AVG, install it appropriately and note that AVG 9.0 installs AVG toolbar during the installation process, so make sure you uncheck the option if the toolbar is unnecessary (It will only slow down your browsing experience).

The antivirus is easy to use and updates it’s database regularly preventing the attack from new kind of virus! So, if you are on Windows platform then give AVG 9.0 a try 🙂

AVG Alternate – If you are searching for another free antivirus program quite similar to AVG then check out Microsoft antivirus 2009 which has received a good response for it’s fast, easy to use features developed by Microsoft.

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