Download MSN Password Finder for Lost MSN Messenger passwords

By Sidharth | New Product

Here is a useful software for MSN Messenger user which will help you find MSN passwords.

This free tool will benefit you by exposing the password of your MSN hotmail account which you have lost or don’t remember anymore. The tool searches for your MSN ID from MSN messenger, and then displays the password along with the MSN address.

It works only when you have logged into MSN messenger and have checked “Remember my password” atleast once. Also, as a side note, remember that you can’t delete email account of anyone, and you can’t even change passwords of others email address. Reason? You don’t have access to the account. The tool works only if you have previously logged into your MSN account.


The software is created by Reactive software and they have a bunch of password finder and recovery software that are handy at times,incase your password is lost or stolen! You can download Msn Password Finder from here, it is a small file and does a quick job of finding all the passwords from MSN messenger faster, also multiple MSN password can be retrieved.

Yeah! It can also be used to hack your friend’s MSN password (Let’s call it MSN password stealing 😛 But don’t do it)

Download MSN Hotmail Password Finder from Download from here

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