Download Speccy to Check Your System Configuration

By Sidharth | New Product

Clueless on the type of graphic card that is installed on your computer? Want to find out about the motherboard manufacturer of your computer? Then Speccy is just for you.

This Windows only software, Piriform Speccy, comes from the folks who brought CCleaner on the web.

Consider speccy as an advanced system tool that collects all the system information of CPU, Hard drives, Optical drives, OS used etc. together. Of course, you can gather system information from windows properties, but speccy scans every piece of hardware information from your computer and doing all this manually would be meaningless.

It also collects a lot of information instantly and also delivers real time summary of cpu usage and hard drive. And, as a freeware tool there is nothing more you can ask for.


Download Speccy beta (Scroll down for the link)

You can copy the text from the Speccy window and paste it on your notepad and share it with anyone, you can also save a snapshot, or save as xml file. Speccy software is definitely useful..especially for those web forums lurkers who demands an answer for their question – What’s my pc configuration?

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