Free SkipScreen for Faster Downloads From Rapidshare, Megaupload

By Jim Roberts | New Product

Aside from the possibility to download free movies, show episodes, podcast, music, we can also find all those imaginable digital resources from the internet. If you’re a student, who feels like a rebel against the system, then these download sites are really big help in establishing entertainment. However, there is a downside to these sites: if you’re in a hurry, you wouldn’t be able to download immediately from sites like Megaupload, Rapidshare etc. because there are waiting times.

Thankfully I came across SkipScreen, a browser add-on for Mozilla Firefox. In a prior advertisement, it was said that SkipScreen will work for download sites such as RapidShare and MegaUpload. It will apparently skip intermediary screens of advertisements and waiting time, bringing you directly to the download link for faster access to the multimedia entertainment.

Of course I wouldn’t tell you how great SkipScreen was without testing it, so I immediately downloaded it to try it out. Upon my trial, I was able to get mixed results (and therefore mixed conclusions) about the free product.

Okay, so when I used it for RapidShare, it worked just fine. Instead of going through two intermediary screens before the download, I was immediately brought to the download link. I still had to wait for 25 seconds before the download begins, but it is made tolerably by skipping the two prior screens. Not bad for a free application, or so I thought.

Then I tried it out on one of my favorites, the The results were very disheartening. There were no changes with the process, and I still had to wait for 50 seconds, which means that SkipScreen worked for one site, and didn’t work for another.

To even up the odds, I tried it one last time on MegaUpload. Without SkipScreen I would have to pass the initial advertisement site, followed by the captcha input, wait for 25 seconds, and click the download button. With SkipScreen, I skipped the advertisement site, had to input the captcha, wait for 25 seconds, and the download immediately started. This means that it saved me half of the usual effort in downloading from MegaUpload.

Then I saw a tiny advertisement which indicated that SkipScreen has a self-hosted version which will enter the captcha for me. Though the 25 seconds wait is unavailable, the captha-busting will save me yet another round of precious time.

In the end, I have to decide if SkipScreen is actually worth the trouble when it comes to downloading. In my honest opinion, I think it will save you the frustration and effort when downloading online. It can save you time. Of course, it would be worth remembering how sometimes it doesn’t work for all download sites. If you forget this fact, then you’ll be even more frustrated when it doesn’t work. Try it out for yourself, and let me know what you think.

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Holding a dual degree in both Management and IT with 13 years of business experience, I am Jim F. Roberts from California, USA. Needless to say, I am a techy guy and I love exploring, checking out the latest gadgets and sharing my thoughts on a lot of things.