HD Live Streaming From Desktop to Justin.tv via Dyyno Universal Broadcaster

By Jay Shah | New Product

In case you want to stream live video, games, top-notch PowerPoint presentations or movies from your computer to the Internet, there is a great new product for doing just that. Streaming video service provider Dyyno has come up with a Universal Broadcaster for Mac and Windows to help you put your content on the web.

The sharing system is simple, and involves a drag-and-drop to start streaming. But this new product is a departure from Dyyno’s usual policy of bringing traffic to their web page or those of its partners. While the core strategy still perhaps is the same, the company is now looking to provide more options for users and that is for sure.


This Universal Broadcaster should help those who are not keen on visiting Dyyno’s website at Dyyno.com for getting their content online. All you need to do, is to sign in to Justin.tv and start sharing with a click. Be it a Skype video chat or any other live video chat, you can put it all up online.

The software is equipped with all that you need to quickly start a live stream. There are preset options for games, movies, documents and pictures. At the same time if you are a power user, you can customize the bitrate, framerate and resolution. Even 1080p HD videos are supported.

The company has officially stated that it wants to position its product as an affordable solution for those wanting to stream content on the Web. Right now, there are solutions on both ends of the spectrum- such as Justin.tv for free and Telestream for a hefty fee, but none in between. And it is exactly this space that Dyyno wants to occupy.

And to match words with action, they are giving away the software to the first 10000 users for free at justin.tv/p/dub and will charge a $199 fee post that.

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