Micromax YU Yureka Review (2015): It’s A Strong Contender In The Budget Smartphone Market

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Having a smartphone with great build quality, excellent performance with an equally affordable price can be a disturbing fact for many. It almost sounds like a good dream.

But thanks to the cut-throat smartphone competition, and the glowing desire of mobile companies to design and release reliable devices in the market, we Indians can now enjoy quality smartphones at a really affordable price.

And Micromax’s YU Yureka (model A05510) is one such budget smartphone — it comes with a great build quality, delivers on the promised performance, and is priced fairly at Rs. 8999.

Quick Note: Micromax YU Yureka is available only through Amazon.in

In this review, you will get to learn more about the new Cyanogen-powered Micromax YU Yureka phone. You will get ’em all — the good, the bad, and even the ugly.

Fair enough? Good. Let’s start with Yureka’s unique features and see what makes it a special device:

YU Yureka’s Operating System

Micromax YU Yureka comes with Cyanogen OS 11 which uses Android 4.4.4 as its foundation.

Last year CyanogenMod went out to build a better version of Android, for which a 7 million dollar funding was secured through investors. And this gave birth to Cyanogen OS — which, today, is available exclusively with Micromax smartphones.

As you use Cyanogen, you will start to notice tonnes of customisation features that stock Android doesn’t have. Shortcuts, custom themes, system settings and a lot more can be achieved to your liking with this new Cyanogen operating system.

New Cyanogen Mod OS in Yu Yureka Phone

Of course, Cyanogen with a powerful hardware is a deadly combination and it’s always refreshing to have such a highly customized OS in YU Yureka. Learn More About Cyanogen OS

Note: Inside the Micromax YU Yureka box, you will find the phone, charging adapter, USB cable, earphone and 2500 mAh battery.

Screen – Bigger Is Better, They Say

At 5.5 inch screen, YU Yureka is a big phone. Holding it in your hand — especially while watching a 2-hour movie — can be painful at times. What? You say you never watch movie on your bed? Good for you.

Now, this pain is slightly reduced with Yureka’s weight (or should we say “Yureka’s lightweight”). If you compare iPhone 6 Plus and YU Yureka, you will immediately notice there is no huge change in the weight department.

Like iPhone 6 Plus, YU Yureka weighs at about 170 grams. So it’s definitely lite.

And if you have used big phones in the past, YU Yureka’s size should be a perfect fit for you. Otherwise it takes a good couple of days to get comfortable with this big device.

YU Yureka has a HD IPS screen, so the colors are superior. Want more? This smartphone comes with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection – so drop the phone to the ground at your will.

External – Can’t Complain

Does the device feel premium? The front part does — thanks to the big IPS display screen, black external panel and the capacitive touch keys at the bottom.

Right side of the phone has the Power button while the volume buttons are strategically placed to the left.

Back of the phone has a grey plastic, shineless panel with the camera placed at the top and speaker at the bottom.

Hardware – The Real Power

Here is what makes Yureka special. The smartphone comes with 1.5 GHz Octa-Core chipset and Qualcomm snapdragon 615 processor that is said to give you a quality “ultra-fast” experience with the device.

Are these claims fair? We think so.

Having played games for hours and browsing the Internet for hours, almost everyday, we noticed no lag. Few unoptimized Android games — like Bike Rivals — did “get stuck” but we are not complaining, especially at this price!

And there’s 2GB DDR3 RAM inside Yureka for processing information quickly. It is supposed to consume less energy — DDR3 RAM uses 30% less energy as compared to DDR2.

The built-in 16GB capacity is a great addition. Note that, however, only 12 GB internal memory storage will be available for use.

Camera – Not For The Pro Photographers

YU Yureka has two cameras — the back camera captures pictures at 13MP while the front camera captures pictures at 5MP.

From our experience, the 13MP delivers quality only in outdoors. Indoor, the pictures are grainy. Here are a couple of image samples we were able to grab from our review unit:

Battery – Not As Excellent As You Think

Micromax claims the 2500 mAh battery should last 25% longer. But here’s the not-so-good part: it takes huge time — almost close to 2 hours — to fully charge the phone.

When used with full brightness, and playing 1-2 hours of games almost every day, Yureka managed to run for a good 7-8 hours. Reduce the brightness and you will probably get a battery life better than that.

Connectivity – You Will Be Happy You Chose This

At Rs. 8999, Micromax Yu Yureka still offers dual SIM connectivity (which seem to be the standard today). Along with this, the smartphone supports LTE (4G) and of course 3G.


While many claim that Micromax YU Yureka is a “rebranded china phone” — and while that’s true — it is still a good budget friendly device worth buying.

It’s a winner in many ways — the lightweight, unbreakable glass, 16GB built-in memory, and the ultra-fast processor makes YU Yureka a worthy contender in the crowded budget phone market. Plus, you get to taste the Cyanogen OS flavor and access exclusive OTA firmware updates.

The weak battery, heating issues (appears only when you play resource-intensive games) and grainy images captured through the camera can be concern to pro smartphone user.

But phones like this is why high-end expensive devices will be dying a slow agonizing death. For Rs. 8999, it’s fair to say YU Yureka truly delivers and is value-for-money phone.

Remember: You won’t find this phone in the retail stores. It’s available only through online stores like Amazon.in. You must also register during the “registration” period to buy Yureka.

Update 22nd January: This just came in: On 8th January, 10000 Yureka phones were sold. And on 22nd January, Micromax believes another 15000 devices will be picked up through Amazon India. You can go to Amazon.in to book now. Note that this is a “flash” sale – so book quick.

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