The Adaptive Keyboard from Microsoft

By Jay Shah | Microsoft

Microsoft has recently come out with a demonstration of its new keyboard specifically designed for desktop computing. Microsoft knows all too well that virtual is the new real and so, an LCD touchscreen has been integrated above the keys on the top row. For a generation thriving on touch-enabled phones, and various other gadgets this should come as really good news.

The LCD display is used to present information such as shortcuts and previews of documents. Even key characters can change to show functions which pertain to the software currently in operation.

According to the Microsoft program team statement, the idea behind this concept-keyboard is to enable inputs devices (such as keyboards and mice) to have display capabilities and relevance similar to the UI on screen.


This Adaptive keyboard will also help you get to grips with new software much faster, while working on those you are adept at using, at greater speeds. A video preview of the keyboards functions, shows how slides can be presented on the touchscreen display and keys in QWERTY keypad showing items related to the presentation.

So, you no longer have to memorize complex keyboard shortcuts or combination keys because now you have visual recognition to rely upon. And this will immensely benefit professional use of the keyboard and help complete various tasks much faster thus improving business productivity as a whole.

But the bad news is that this is just a prototype, as a part of the Student Innovation Contest at the ACM symposium and Microsoft is yet to plan whether to commercialize this idea any time soon.

But if they do, it will be win-win for the company as well as customers. Just imagine how good it will be if you can get such interactive capabilities with your keyboard, which you can now enjoy only with the user interface. A keyboard to user interface command will be rendered redundant as you will be able to complete actions via the keyboard itself. As a current Microsoft blog is saying, this keyboard will help us all in evolving into better information workers. So, keep your fingers crossed for a quick launch!

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