New Google TV Logitech Revue Device: Access TV Episodes At 99c

By Jay Shah | Google

The Logitech with Google TV is still in beta testing stages, but as usually happens with upcoming tech, things are not completely under the wraps. This is why several pictures and videos of the product are doing rounds of the web. The interface is nearly finished and the hardware has also been revealed.

There are no two ways about this: you are certainly more interested to know what Google TV has to offer rather than how good the Logitech Revue is! And that’s perfectly understandable because the Google TV has been long awaited by all and sundry.


As pointed out by the Guest author at Digitaltrends – the TV interface has menu items on the left. The search bar can be accessed at any time. If you had a look at the interface in previous stages of development, you will find some changes in this one. Most notable is the change in the bookmark layout and thumbnails.

The fact that most sat providers have category metadata should make the ‘What’s on TV’ feature very interesting. ‘Applications’ has been listed twice and as of this point it is impossible to tell why.


The presence of an Amazon menu item means that you will be able to access various 99c TV downloads, which have been in the news since the Apple TV announcement.

Now for the hardware bit of Logitech Revue, starting with the navigation via keyboard. The keyboard has an inbuilt track-pad and D-pad. You can also use any Harmony controller which includes the Harmony Connect app.

It is fair to say that Logitech has done a good job with the product. There are two USB ports and an HDMI in, which should help you hook up Logitech Revue with other devices you already have. Nothing about the internal operations has been revealed. So you don’t get to know (yet) how to access recorder TV shows or put shows on cloud.

But then this is just a leak and a heck of a lot has been revealed here along with Google TV. One thing, the hardware sure does not look good at all. That’s one area where Apple will maul Google, because for a home appliance to have mass appeal, looks are important.

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