Nintendo Wii 2 Console Launch Confirmed

By Sidharth | Games

Wii 2, which was rumored to be the forthcoming console of Nintendo, will finally see the light of the day real soon. Jay predicted the launch of Wii 2 happening somewhere in the middle of 2011; however according to a very popular gaming portal, IGN, Nintendo is working on the next-generation of gaming console — codenamed as Project Cafe — which will launch in the year 2012.

Although no specific dates of the launch of Wii 2 has been put up, but the rumored release date of Wii 2 is said to be in early 2012. And the retail price of Wii 2 console will probably stick somewhere between $350 to $400.

What’s more with Nintendo Wii 2

In terms of hardware, Nintendo Wii 2 is said to take on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Although nothing promising has been unveiled on the design aspect, but Wii 2 will push along a design “comparable” to the Xbox 360.

Wii 2

However, the big question of whether Wii 2 will have an HD and blu-ray drive remains unanswered. I am hoping that Nintendo is working on it, or at least working on something bigger and innovative. Whatever it is, for now, take this information with a grain of salt.

On the other hand, Nintendo is facing decline in its annual profit which has slumped by 66%. You know, Nintendo, launching the Wii 2 will upright the percentage.

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