Notion Ink Adam Tablet Launch Confirmed [December 9th]

By Sidharth | New Product

While the last post on Notion Ink Adam tablet didn’t cover the whole bunch of drool-worthy specs and features the device offers, but it is evident that this Android tablet is flying off the handle with positive response from the folks who are anxiously waiting for the official release.

A closer look at the new Notion Ink website and you may have noticed the binary codes placed on the top right of the page, it seems as if this is the count down for the pre-launch of Notion Ink Adam tablet. As of this writing, the code is 1000, which signifies the number 8. So, the official pre-launch of Notion Ink Adam tablet is likely to happen after 8 days, that is on December 9th.

Notion Ink Tablet Features

Not only is the Notion Ink tablet India’s first prominent venture into the over-crowded tablet market, but the start up company is located in Bangalore city — the silicon valley of India and the city that I am proud to call my home. 😉

But what really keeps Notion Ink Adam ahead in the tablet war is the advanced hardware it boosts of, for instance the tablet has Pixel Qi’s Transflective display technology for less power consumption and Nvidia’s fast Tegra 2 chip to seamlessly play back high definition video files.

Along with 1GB of RAM, Notion ink has 8GB internal memory, 3.2 MP auto focus swivel camera for video chat and photo capturing. Notion Ink tablet also promises a minimum of 15 hours battery life and as far as cost of the tablet is concerned, the Notion Ink tablet(3G supported) is decently priced at around $500.

Unlike most of the new tablets, Notion Ink adam wasn’t developed in a lick of work — it took nearly 3 years of effort to built this tablet. The wait is what has kept the consumers on the edge of their seat. It will be interesting to see how it fares against the industry hulks. For now, unleash the bad boys in the store!

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