Notion Ink Adam Tablet Launched—Available For Pre-order?

By Sidharth | New Product

Good news for the zealous Notion Ink lovers. The wait seems to be over as the pre-order launch for the Notion Ink Adam tablet has seen an announcement today. Although the binary code on the Notion Ink website is yet to hit zero, but why care now? The Android tablet is here. So let’s quickly look in to what’s in store with this device.

Firstly, to keep things in the right direction, Rohan mentioned the reduction in price for the the basic tablet models. The LCD Wi-Fi version of the Notion Ink Adam—previously priced at $399—is now available for $375. 

The mystery feature is still a mystery—only the folks who bring home this device will be able to explore and spread the word out on the internet. The rest of the features has seen no changes and remains pretty much the same.

Pricing… Wait…

Before we move on to the Adam’s pricing, here’s something that you should know that may very well raise eyebrows. Apparently, the device can be pre-ordered only if you have posted comment(s) on the Notion Ink blog. I bet you didn’t expect that, did ya? In short: If you haven’t commented on the NI blog before, then the wait has just begun for you.

I did drop a nice comment on the Notion Ink blog last week, but I think only the regular commentators will have their first dibs at the pre-order. Nevertheless, it won’t take long for the tablet to be available in the store. One month… two m… an year… oh well.

Official Price of the Notion Ink Adam

  • Notion Ink tablet LCD Wi-Fi model: $375.33
  • Notion Ink tablet LCD Wi-FI and 3G model: $425.33
  • NI Transflective Pixel Qi technology with Wi-Fi model: $499.45
  • NI  Transflective Pixel Qi technology with Wi-Fi and 3G model: $549.99 (available in two variants: 900 series and 850 series).

Update: Pre-ordering is open for everyone. But it would take 6-8 weeks  for the delivery of the device via DHL. Not to forget the additional shipping charges that you have to pay for($50).

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