There’s a Zombie on the Lawn: a Plants vs. Zombies Sequel

By Jim Roberts | Games

PopCap certainly made casual gaming more interesting with their hit game, Plants vs. Zombies (PVZ). The game was immediately embraced by players of all ages, from adults to young kids. It was so loved that even its soundtrack is being used as background music of radio stations throughout the globe.

Its gameplay is so simple that even my three-year-old niece plays it. The goal is simple: there is an insane wave of zombies who wants to eat your brains. The only thing that separates you from the zombies is your lawn, where beautiful and violent plants are placed.


Your plant infantry and the zombies would battle it out, wave after wave, until the entire army of the undead are, well, dead, or until all your plants were eaten. If the zombies get past your army, then they will enter your house and eat your brains, Simple, easy, and priceless.

What could be better than a simple game of PVZ?

This question will be answered by PopCap on August 2. The company released an invitation for journalists scheduled on the said date on an event at San Francisco. The invite include an image from the game’s initial versions: a zombie’s hand rising from the grave.

And in this case, the hand was holding a note with the date, and the initials “S.F.” There was also a crudely drawn bridge, which could only further symbolize San Francisco. Judging from the image, I could only conclude that PVZ might have its sequel, and that sequel might be well on its way to the iPhone app store.

Of course the invitation doesn’t say a word about my conclusion of PVZ 2. Other gaming enthusiast even reprimanded me for thinking such ideas, and said that the invite is for the much awaited launch for the Xbox 360, though one thing is for certain: whichever platform the PVZ invite might bring, my Zen Gardens and I are waiting. We’re ready for the next wave of zombies on the lawn. Keep them coming, since they wouldn’t be able to eat my brain.

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