Touring Outer Space Just Got Easier With Space-Tourism Company

By Sidharth | New Product

History has it that centuries ago only a few privileged people were able to travel from one place to another. Not too long ago our thoughts evolved, and we humans engineered cars and other vehicles to reach the desired destination. But times have changed now — as our mind is continually changing, our priority has seen a massive shift. Today, we can travel anywhere in the world — through cars, airplanes, etc. What’s more is that touring outer space is no longer a dream. We can set out foot on moon, if we want to.

A new space-tourism company has emerged recently, which promises trips to outer space. Anyone can book a seat, take their family members with them, along with the camera to witness the chunk of universe. All this is not free, though.

Golden Spike, the company offering space trips, sells ticket for $750 million each. Are you still thinking to take your family with you? To our eyes, that’s a significant amount of money, and while we don’t have that kind of money to invest, this certainly looks like a lifetime dream come true for space fanatics and rich people.

Take a Trip to Space Using Rocket

Don’t worry, the company isn’t just another startup robbing you of your money. As noted by The Washington Post, former NASA science administrator Alan Stern is running this business. You can be sure the trip will be worth your money.

Once you have paid 750 million dollars to Golden Spike, they will escort you, make sure you are comfortably seated on one of their commercial rocket, then take you out against gravity. You will also get a chance to walk on the moon, and probably collect something significant or memorable thing from the space and return back home.

Can’t afford 750 million dollars? Even if you can, the company believes 2020 is the plausible date for the initial trip. Wait for another decade or two, and we can definitely expect dozens of space-tourism companies popping out of nowhere, offering tours at a lot lesser price… Probably $100 million?

Via The Washington Post

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