Blogote Ends with Goals for 2009 Year!

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This article not only signifies the goal of this blog but also some of my offline goals which I would like to mention through this post. And hopefully this will be the last post for this year or may be not! Anyway the new year 2009 will not have lot of posts as you thought because of the Examination stress and the feeling of being lazy (Procrastinating) has got over me.

As most of you know, I am 18 and studying my Engineering Course which is really stressful. I cannot afford to post any post on a regular basis for the time being as I want to make sure that I am fully prepared for this exam — not due to the fact that I am a wannabe topper in the class but I will let you know the reason behind this once I score good marks! So moving on, I would make sure the goals put up here are not just achieved but are achieved handsomely as well!

Stop Procrastinating – The Biggest enemy

From the beginning of 2008, I have developed a habit of procrastination — being lazy and delaying work in every possible way — and the promises I make, or the deadline I have set, never goes in my favor because of my procrastinating habit; so 2009 will be definitely a year where I will dust of the laziness and be active, not only on the web, but also elsewhere in my life.

Study + Blog = Devote Time

When I first introduced to the universe of Internet, I had no clue that I will be starting my own website. Now, here I am: new blog that rakes in enough money to pay off the bills. However, studying and blogging is what I plan to do, because I can’t heavily rely on online income.

Reach 20,000 Page views Per day

A relative growth at 1000 page views per month would make 20000 pageviews more possible to achieve. To maintain a steady growth in traffic, posting frequency should be increased from one per day to 2-3, or better yet, 15 post per week sounds plausible. As soon as I am done with the exams, I will stick to this regular posting frequency.

1500 Subscribers at the end of 2009

Oh, honestly, I am not concerned with the subscribers’ rate, but still I’d prefer to reach 1500 subscribers by the 2009 year end. That is like 3 subscriber’s per day… not hard huh? 😛

Make Huge money per month

The income generated from past many years keep on fluctuating most of the time, so 2009 will be the year where I will be taking the lead to generate steady income. I WILL reach 7 figure yearly income in rupees, which is about 25000 US dollars :evil:… And yea, I will also donate 200+ $ to a charity/organization which helps old people!

Get featured on Local Newspaper

I know this sounds crazy but I always wanted to get featured on a local newspaper not for being a criminal but for being a young blogger in Bangalore who is able to churne out decent amount of money from his blog. This may seem difficult but if I make good money and have proof of received check from ad networks then I am sure any local newspaper will feature me in some corner of the paper one day!

A last note

It was YOU who made everything possible for me and I must say you people are amazing for giving me consistent support and encouragement. And for those of you who are silently visiting this blog must at least put up a comment here saying “Hi” which will make me happy during this competitive and stressful Examination period…  Come on 😉

Bye Folks… Will be back on Jan 17th!

– Sidharth

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