Sony Launches Xperia Z Ultra in India – An Expensive Android Smartphone

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The new Xperia Z Ultra has now been officially launched in India.

After showing how useful an Xperia Z Ultra phone can be, in the form of a video, Sony has finally revealed the nitty-gritty details of this massive phablet today.

The Xperia Z Ultra launch events were scheduled in three places – one in Delhi on 30th July, and two more in Mumbai and Bangalore on July 31st.

Sony Xperia Z Ultra is an Android smartphone powered by Sony’s latest X-Reality engine and the first ever smartphone to incorporate a Full HD Triluminous display – a screen technology that was previously used only on Sony Bravia TVs.

New Sony Xperia Z Photo

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The Xperia Z Ultra phone has a massive 6.4-inch display, while weighing only 212g. Current software running on the device is Android 4.2.

Hardware-wise, Xperia ZU has a Snapdragon 800 processor with 2.2 GHz quad-core CPU. With 16GB of internal storage, the device has all the bare minimum one would look for in a standard smartphone. See: Complete Features, Specs, Price Details of Sony Xperia Z Ultra.

Sony has managed to add a rechargeable 3000mAH battery, which should keep the smartphone up and running for hours even with 3G/WiFi switched ON.

Xperia Z Ultra is also said to be the world’s slimmest HD phone. It can stay up to 30 minutes in water and doesn’t attract dust on the screen (dust-resistant).

Pricing of Xperia Z Ultra

From the Press Release, the retail price of Xperia Z Ultra is Rs. 46990. Of course you can find a better deal from online shopping sites. You can also wait for a few more weeks to get more discount.

One thing is clear though: this Android-powered Xperia Z Ultra is not another “budget” smartphone. Sony has released it as a “premium” phone, though it’s always worth wondering why the device does not have a camera flash. Plus, the quality of the photos captured through the 8MP camera is not going to leave you impressed.

Xperia Z Ultra will be available on all the leading mobile stores starting August 3rd. There are no discounts or introductory offer at the moment.

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