Confirmed: New HP WebOS Tablet Available From Early 2011

By Jay Shah | News

The internal ramblings at HP may be all over the news right now, but the company is clearly on a solid growth path. Not only have they posted greater achievements for this past quarter, but they have confirmed on taking the iPad head-on with the new HP tablets next year.

While the mud-slinging surrounding ex-CEO Mark Hurd just does not seem to stop, and it has probably harmed HP’s image in many quarters, business-wise HP is going great guns. If the Apple iPad has affected the sales of some of its laptops, HP plans to strike back with Windows based tablets.

Most probably these HP tablets will be based on Windows 7 and will be initially targeted towards the corporate market with features such as video conferencing and business database integration.

But what is probably more interesting is the fact that HP will bring out a webOS tablet in early 2011 and this is an official statement. This tablet will be the mass-market device with which HP plans to take on the iPad and do some serious damage to Apple’s business.


HP acquired palm for $1.2 billion and it is going to recoup every cent of the money by selling a variety of devices such as tablets (initially), smartphones and printers. What makes this an exciting proposition for the user, is that the webOS is simply perfect for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Palm never really made good use of the user interface and features of the webOS, which even as a 1.0 version is a user’s delight. HP should set things right, beginning with the tablet. While design or specs of the tablet are not known yet, but it is rumored to have dual cameras, Wi-Fi connectivity, USB ports etc.

With Windows 7 tablet, Motorola Stingray, Samsung Galaxy P1000 and Blackberry Blackpad already in the making, HP WebOS tablet has to be a good one if it actually plans to compete them. Not to forget — the Apple iPad, which is recording phenomenal growth even as you read this.

So lets wait and see what HP has in its locker!

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