Let Your Facebook Friends Know About Your Death

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Now all of us can finally leave this Earth in peace, as we don’t have to worry about informing our family members and friends about our death. Facebook will take care of this.

If I Die is an unique, and totally spooky, Facebook application that leaves a note on your Facebook account after confirming your death. The note should be created by you before you die.

Death Note

How it works: You have to give access to the If I Die app on Facebook, add your message, probably a death note or wish your best friends good luck, then choose trustees. These 3 trustees should be chosen from your Facebook list.

The message will be posted on a designated schedule only when your selected trustees confirm the death. You can add a goodbye note, make a video, or send out your last wishes to your friends to remember you.

Are You Willing to Post Your Death Message on Facebook?

There isn’t much of a reason not to use this app, as the whole process is really very simple. If I Die has a ludicrous catchphrase though, this is to gain traction and attract Facebook users: “Death can catch you anywhere, anytime and it’s better to leave a message before it is too late.”

That’s a disturbing catchphrase. And, in all honesty, if you activate If I Die because you know what’s in store for you in the times ahead, it will instantly make your friends think and wonder how the heck can you post an update on Facebook if you are dead? That can be a painfully funny situation.

Worse, your friends will ‘Like’ your death update.

There’s more. Though you are alive, your trustees can confirm and fake your death for a few laughs.

Does this app make sense to you? Updating your untimely demise is an interesting but a really creepy idea, and we would be better off not thinking about death right at the start of this beautiful new year.

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