Dell’s Big Monitor: Dell U3011 Display Coming Soon!

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If you love Dell monitors because of the unmatched picture quality they provide, you are going to love this bit of news. Dell, is soon to start shipping a new 30-inch monitor. And what’s so special about it? Well, it has a 10 bit In Plane Switching panel and 2560×1600 resolution!

These are the same configurations which the best Dell screens carry right now. The H-IPS panel will be manufactured by LG Display and the screen will be capable of rendering 16:10 format display. It is worth mentioning here that the same panels are also used in other Dell and HP products albeit with an 8-bit color display.

What we have right now are a few leaked photos of the box-package, which suggests that the product is ready for shipping. What you also need to know is that this monitor is factory calibrated for all color settings.


The new 30 inch Dell U3011 Monitor

Features & Specification of Dell U3011 Monitor

This screen will be usable with most PC’s and will particularly be useful for HD gaming. The U3011 is also supposed to help in phasing out the 3008WFP. This why it has some significant improvements made over the 3008.

Among those improvements is the 100000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, for unmatched depth of color and clarity. Seven minutes gray to gray pixel response time and 12-bit internal processing are also added feathers on its cap.

As far as available interfaces are concerned, you have 2 DVI, 2 HDMI and DisplayPort. A 178-degree viewing angle ensures that you are able to keep your eyes on what’s going on onscreen from anywhere in the room except if you sit behind the screen!

The LG tech at its heart ensures the creation of 1.07 billion colors, the maximum for individual screens/monitors. There are adjustments for height, tilt and pivot.

You will probably get to buy the Dell U3011 display in the month of October. No price information is known yet, but do save up because such as high end display is going to be anything but cheap! It will also be interesting to see how far Dell manages to keep its commitment of delivering value for money products to customers, with this new display.

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