Facebook Pushes Friend Requests, Messages and Notifications Buttons to a new Position

By Sidharth | News

Change is inevitable, and that holds true even for Facebook — well, especially for Facebook. The billion dollar company revises its site’s design regularly, and here’s another change that may be deemed unnecessary from the user’s perspective.

The three popular buttons on your Facebook’s menu — friend requests, messages and notifications — which were placed next to the Facebook logo have been relocated to the top-right corner of the header.

Here is the old Facebook header:

Old Facebook Buttons

The new Facebook header:

New Facebook Buttons

As you may have noticed — your name, home button and the drop down menu is missing from the new header. Clicking on the photo in the new Facebook menu will take you to your Facebook profile.

This is certainly a minor change, and I doubt if the change will promote any negative reactions from the user. However, pushing the buttons to the extreme right was totally uncalled for; and some users who have a difficult time understanding and using Facebook may not grasp these changes immediately, although such issues will fade away gradually with time.

Update: Facebook is rolling out this new menu as we speak, which means you may have to wait for a while for these changes to happen on your account.

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