Happy 2010 to the Dear readers..

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Whatta year 😀 this has been! 2009 has gone by in a flash and awaiting now, is the year 2010, with great hopes and success plans awaiting to be achieved – I wish all the dear readers an prosperous and happy 2010 year!

I have been blogging no less than crap less-useful posts these days. The reason is that I’ve been busy with other offline issues and my education life, which I’ll promise to stabilize in 2010 and I really hope to make things work out as intended.

Coming to the point, this blog, has seen an eventful journey and all my efforts are nothing compared to your extensive support which is worth applauding.. I wish each and every one of the visitor and readers an super-duper year with prosperity and happiness flowing from every corner of the part into your life! Seriously, for what this blog is today is just because of YOU and I can’t think of a way to thank you.



Last note: New year 2010

As you might know, this blog is man-handled all by myself – I plan to blog frequently and as much as I can during this 2010 year. I will try to keep up with the quality of the content and come up with fresh ideas, if you would like to suggest anything to me then please share them with me. I would be delighted to have feedbacks and I will work on improving myself in the best possible ways I can.

Also, I am deeply sorry for my non-responsive behavior for the emails, the questions and comments that has been knocking on into my inbox. Blame the rough schedules! So, this year I will be making sure that I provide amiable response and help you with your query as well as build a community around this blog..

For regular readers I would ask you to use Adblock+ addon for firefox (there’s an adblock for Opera browser too)if at all you find advertisement and flashy banner a bit obstructive on this website.

Have an successful life & 2010 year!


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