HP Touchpad Tablet to Release in April?

By Sidharth | News

There is no official release date for the webOS-powered Touchpad tablet, but the internal ramblings at HP is making the news again. Crunchgear reports that HP is all-set to bring out the HP Touchpad tablet — which will hit the retail stores in the month of April, while the pre-ordering starts in March.

HP has already envisioned the number of Touchpad tablet sales they will be generating this year. HP plans to ship over 40 million notebooks and tablets in 2011, and the total HP Touchpad sales is expected to be 4-5 million units.

In the coming weeks, HP will be revealing a “new secret” and share the “vision” of the HP Touchpad, perhaps something big is in the works. Business-wise, HP is going great gun, and from the hands-on videos floating on the internet, even in its early stage, the HP Touchpad tablet is a user’s delight.

Needless to say, another competitive year lies ahead as most of the industry hulks have entered into the “tablet war,” badly wanting a piece of the action. What will be interesting is how HP distinguishes its Touchpad tablet against the likes of iPad, Xoom and Galaxy Tab 10.1.

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