HTC’s Big Revelations: Official HTC Desire HD, HTC Desire Z, HTC Sense Technology Announcement And Much More..

By Jay Shah | Cell Phones

Right, so HTC’s much hyped special event has already finished and there is a lot for you to take note of. The Desire HD has been announced, along with Desire Z. HTC Sense technology has been revamped and has also been launched.

The two Android smartphones will give customers in Europe and Asia a taste of HTC Sense. The website basically aims to take the Sense experience beyond what can be enjoyed on a mobile phone and broader domain. Google too has welcomed the new products and developments with full support.

The HTC Desire HD has a bright 4.3 inch LCD screen and is powered by a 1GHz Qualcomm 8255 Snapdragon processor. It is also equipped with an 8MP camera with dual flash, which can record 720p HD video. The phone looks great, carved from a single block of metal, in keeping with HTC’s focus on uni-body designs. Nifty features such as Fast Boot make the phone even smarter!


The HTC Desire Z is aimed to help you stay connected via your favorite social channels such as Facebook and Twitter. There is a unique hinge in this smartphone, which unveils a QWERTY keypad for quick typing. Keyboard shortcuts and the presence of two customizable keys, which can help you bypass the need to bring up the menu, will help save a lot of time.


HTC desire Z phone has a 5MP camera which can also record 720p HD video. It has the 800MHz Qualcomm 7230 processor at its heart.

The new HTC Sense technology aims to revolutionize the way in which you handle multimedia content. New camera effects have been added for both still images and video editing. A new online mapping system called HTC Locations will provide on demand mapping without time lags for download.

Even your e-book reading experience will be enhanced with the new book store powered by Kobo and a new e-reader with several intelligent features such as searching for definitions of unknown words and phrases.

HTCSense is a new service which will help you manage your phone from your PC. You can locate your phone on a map or remotely lock it in case it’s been stolen. Big revelations indeed from HTC!

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