Leaked Nintendo 3DS Video

By Sidharth | Games

Leaked video claiming to be the upcoming Nintendo 3DS cropped up recently on the internet. The device is said to be smuggled off a Chinese assembly line, and the leaked images of 3DS device were scoured from a gaming forum.

While Nintendo is all set to release their next model of the DS line, the Nintendo 3DS, these leaked images along with the video (embedded below)  gives us a fair bit of idea on what’s in store for us, the buyers. Spreading along with these videos and images are the handful of information revealing the 3DS specification.

Leaked Nintendo 3DS Video Via Youtube

The source of these leaked pics comes from a Chinese gaming forum, and the original thread had to be taken down—probably because of breaching the Nintendo policy. However, in the coming few weeks, Nintendo plans to set an “all day event” to unveil the secrets of their 3D handheld device.

Also, there is something you should know, especially the parents who would like to buy Nintendo 3DS for their kids. As posted by NPR, Nintendo 3DS device includes a warning label that alarms of the possible eye risks involved with the “3D gaming.” But the good news is the “parental lock,” which lock downs the 3DS in 2D mode.

Even since the preemptively revealed features were put out—and after the announcement of first- and third-party titles—it seems like Nintendo 3DS will be able to gather positive response and maintain its winning streak over the PSP. For now, it’s the wait for the official launch and rumors that should keep us excited.

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