Microsoft Brings a Detailed Second Commercial on Surface Tablets

By Sidharth | Microsoft

Microsoft aired the first Surface ad on television a couple of days ago, but later posted the same advertisement video on its YouTube page. Here’s another commercial from Surface, but this one is more detailed.

A Good Start

This minute-long advertisement starts with “Welcome to Surface,” then goes on to explain more about the Surface’s cover (touch and type covers), and how anyone can comfortably enjoy movies, music on the “next big thing.”

The commercial points out the new Surface tablet is sleek, light, durable, and beautiful.

Crucial details such as the possibility to connect HD displays, transfer files with USB 2.0 port, and use the microSD card slot to add new media are explained at the end of the commercial. The Surface also carries two built-in cameras with it.

Note: HD adapter is sold separately in the Microsoft online store.

The previous Surface ad (video below) featured people dancing enthusiastically on a fast-paced tune. Many folks didn’t appreciate the commercial because it didn’t quite reveal what Surface actually does. The second commercial, however, fills the void.

First Surface ad:

Microsoft recently announced that it has started taking preorders for Surface in selected countries. As of now, if your country is in the list, you can always order the slate from the online store.

Although bit on the expensive side, detachable touch covers brings a complete freshness to the tablet industry. Many of us, including the President at Microsoft who transformed his Surface into skateboard, are still unsure whether to call Surface a tablet or a laptop, as this piece of gadget can be used equally for both business and casual purposes.

Price of Surface Tablets:

Storage Includes Touch Cover? Price
64 GB Yes $699
32 GB Yes $599
32 GB No $499

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