Not Able to Access PSN? Well, PlayStation Network is Down!

By Sidharth | Gadgets

Now most of you may have already heard this, but for those who haven’t used their PlayStation console in a while may find this intriguing to read: PlayStation network is down!

According to the latest news surfacing the web, Sony had to intentionally bring down PlayStation Network for its users in US and Europe. The reason behind bringing down the very popular — among the PS fans, at least — PSN store is because of the external intruders who were able to wreck havoc not only to the store, but also among the millions of PlayStation users.

Not able to Access PlayStation Network?

Those who have tried to login to PSN in the past two days have been left with nothing but disappointment. As of this writing, it has been around 50 hours of downtime. Apparently, Sony likes to remain mum during such uptight situation and nothing promising has been put up on the PSP blog – apart from the fact that they are working on fixing the issue.

While waiting is all one can do, but this PSN outage certainly raises questions regarding security. Remember: not only do we have game-related stuffs on PSN, but also millions of users’ addresses and credit card details are buried in the store.

The good thing is Sony was able to take down PlayStation Network immediately, and the information will probably be safe in the hands of Sony.

How long will Sony take to uncover the reason behind the PSN downtime is unknown, but lets hope that PlayStation is up and running soon. Hardcore PSP/PS3 gamers, no multiplayer gaming for you this weekend — How do you feel?

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