Samsung to Unveil Ultra Thin Laptops

By AustinP | Gadgets

Samsung has been a company that has always managed to inspire the world of technology with their advancements made in every possible field.

Come February, Samsung will be showcasing to the world the best of their super slim range of laptops that is sure to give buyers one of the most light weight and cutting edge pieces of technology that has helped a lot of people grow professionally as well as on an entertainment level.

The new Series 9 Samsung Laptops promise to be the next generation of computing where they offer the best of slim casings to accommodate some of the best notebook hardware around.

Specifications of the Samsung laptops are expected to be sized at a 14.5 inch screen that is clubbed with a LED Backlight display, a 12GB SSD Card and more. Additionally, the notebooks are expected to run with a 1.4Ghz Core Processor and a respectable memory slot.

While buyers can expect this to be priced at around $1500, it can be an expensive masterpiece but it will certainly break the monotony of Apple’s Macbook dominance in the market.

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