Scandinavia: A New Android TV in Sweden With Huge Monitor Display.

By Jay Shah | Gadgets

This has been a big week for internet television with Apple announcing the Apple TV and the Google TV project coming closer to realization. But in what seems like a bolt from the blue, a Swedish company has just launched an indigenous internet TV which uses Google’s Android OS.

The company, called People of Lava, has named this TV ‘Scandinavia’, which rings a bell when you think of.. well, not Apple TV but: Sony Bravia. The Scandinavia comes in 42, 47 and 55 inch screen sizes and is being marketed with the tagline ‘window to the world’. This unique product was unveiled recently at the IFA in Berlin.

Till this product came out, Sony was supposed to launch the first television with the Google TV software inside. But clearly People of Lava has stolen a march on the Japanese tech giant by launching its own Android TV. So what if this is not the official Google TV? There is plenty to be excited about this Swedish gizmo.


What’s new in Android TV

The TV comes preloaded with various apps, which you can expect from any Android device these days. You get apps for YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Google and many others. The browser is again a fresh design, based on Webkit. As per the company’s commitment, there will be an App Store, but no timelines have been provided yet.

A wireless keyboard and a mouse complete the Scandanavia package, which as of now, is only available for purchase in Sweden.

This brings us to the big question: how will this TV affect Sony’s plans for an internet TV this fall season. Scandinavia has bagged the ‘first mover’ advantage, which is always important for tech products, even though it does not have the official Google TV pack.

Things will become a lot more interesting if the product is actually good enough to appeal to the global market. Once it is sold outside of Sweden, there is a chance that it will go on to be a hit. But even if that happens, Sony will not have many problems in doing better, because of their unquestionable pedigree. But if People of Lava succeeds with this product it will be the underdog story of the year for sure!

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