Adobe India Surveys IT Professionals in India

By Sidharth | News

Adobe recently surveyed business professionals, educators, IT/technical professionals from 775 organizations throughout India. The survey revolved around documents and collaboration tools and its related issues that troubles many of the IT workers in India. The information has been neatly packed in the form of infographics which was revealed at an event here in Bangalore.

Here are the interesting facts from the survey:

  • 80% of the valuable time gets lost trying to get documents approved and signed.
  • 62% of the respondents are concerned about document security.
  • Every worker surveyed faced problems document-related issues.
  • Half of the respondents spent more than 25% of their time in creating, analyzing and managing documents.
  • Almost 68% of the respondents use smartphones or tablets to access documents.
  • 58% of respondents reported that current set of documentation and collaboration tools are not very productive.


Infographics on Adobe India's IT Survey

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