Sharing, Photo Tagging, Using Smileys is Possible in Facebook 5.2 iOS App

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Mobile Facebook users are in for a treat. The largest social networking site has updated its iOS app once again, adding oodles of new features and fixing bugs as usual. The new Facebook 5.2 version is all about sharing, tagging, adding smileys (yes, finally!), and sorting feeds.

Previously possible only on the web version of Facebook, sharing can now happen on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch devices as well. Now, iOS users can share (or re-share) their friend’s post using the “Share” link. This link is visible under every public story/update posted by your friends.

Tagging photos is yet another fashionable trend available with this update. Browse through your or your friend’s photos, click on the tag button (next to the comment button), then tap on the photo to get a box. In this box you will be entering the name of your friend you want to tag. Facebook, as you probably know, will automatically pull a list of relevant names as you type.

Apple is removing emoji apps from the iTunes App Store, but that doesn’t stop Facebook from adding emoticons (emoji), smileys, hearts support in Facebook messages.

Adding emoticons on Facebook.

One of the main ingredient of Facebook 5.1 was swiping. Swiping to the left gives users the access to some of the important links (settings, log out, news feed, etc) while swiping to the right brings a chat messenger. The left sidebar has got a new, minor update in 5.2 version. A button next to News Feed in the left sidebar allows you to sort stories.

We blamed iOS 6.0.1 firmware when Facebook crashed last time, but later figured out the problem was with the servers of Facebook. In anyway, if you are still stuck with the older version of Facebook, or still haven’t moved from the 5.1 version that was released two weeks ago, you may want to download this update right away.

Download Facebook App

If you are reading this article from one of your iOS devices, and you already have Facebook installed, then update the app by tapping on the App Store icon -> Updates. You can also click on the link given below.

Download Facebook iOS app [iTunes App Store link]

Are you experiencing any issues after updating to Facebook 5.2? Any new features we have missed? Any bugs yet to be fixed? Let us know through your comments below!

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