Skyhook Sues Google Over Location Patents: Latest on Skyhook Vs. Google.

By Jay Shah | Google

Just some time after Skyhook sued Google on account of business interference and patent infringement, the accusations have started to fly. Skyhook has just claimed that Google ordered Motorola to stop shipping the Droid X because the smartphone had Skyhook’s XPS positioning system instead of Google’s Location Services.

According to Skyhook, Motorola has forced to comply with Google’s demands and drop Skyhook from the Droid X completely. But that was not the end of Google’s alleged atrocities, because they then forced ‘another unnamed company’ to exclude the XPS positioning system.


In all likelihood, this company is Samsung, because all Galaxy S phones have Wi-Fi turned off by default, which is not the case with other Android devices. This should some a shocker to you, particularly if you have been extolling the openness of the Android platform and Google’s transparent policies.

But perhaps what comes a bigger shock is the fact that Skyhook is also claiming that the so-called ‘openness’ is an elaborate ruse by Google. There is something called the Compliance Definition Document, which Google interprets in any way it wants, and acts as the judge, jury and executioner at the same time.

Google has supposedly ordered every Android project in the pipeline to use only Google Location Services, thus pushing Skyhook out of many deals and causing huge losses for the location services company.

Now this is a huge barrage of allegations that Google has to contend with, and surely, Google have a pretty strong reply on the cards already.  But, without questioning Google’s integrity even once, you have every right to wonder why the company has never stated clearly the requirements for devices to get access to the Android Market and apps like Gmail.

Google has been pressed quite hard for a clear explanation, but to no avail. And it is not as if Google does not tell lies either, if the false promises of Exchange integration and Google ‘Experience Phones’ without carrier and handset limitations are remembered. So, is Google actually keeping competitors from doing legit business by flexing its muscles with the Android platform? For answers keep watching this space!

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