Solid Android OS Growth Stats: 200000 Android Based SmartPhones Are Activated Everyday!

By Jay Shah | Android

Just a few days after Nielsen released stats from the last quarter showing the amazing growth pattern of Android powered devices, new and far more impressive numbers are out. And now, the Google CEO has just stated that 200,000 Android powered smartphones are being activated everyday!

And this comes just 7 weeks after the announcement that 160,000 phones were kicking into action each day. So, this is basically a 25% rise within just a week under two months of time. And this despite the fact that the iPhone 4 with the iOS4 is now available too!

You will surely be amazed to think that Android was nowhere in the reckoning even less than two years ago. But 94 weeks since it was launched, the story is a bit different, isn’t it?

Yet these numbers are less impressive than the six-week period between May and June 2010, when the Android recorded 60% growth from the previous milestone, as compared to the present rise of 25% rise in a seven-week period. That’s how the iPhone 4 has affected its growth but not dampened it much at all.

If Android phones keep finding users at the rate of 200,000 each day, then very soon it will outstrip the RIM BlackBerry, to become the second best-selling smartphone operating system.

And what does Android need to overtake Symbian, the leading mobile phone OS?

Well, simply reach 300,000 from the present 200,000 phones that are being activated every day. It is a 50% growth, but getting there will be the more difficult than ever, because competitors will be doing their utmost too.

But the prospects certainly look bright for Android and this robust growth should continue. After all, there are a host of new Android powered devices to come out soon, with the Droid 2, the Samsung Fascinate and the HTC Desire HD, being the most eagerly anticipated ones among them. Plus there may be others which are still being kept secret!

Moreover, Android is now also available on mid-range smartphones such as the HTC Wildfire and the Samsung Galaxy 3. Most of these devices will surely give Android more penetration into the smartphone market, once they reach a sales peak.

We also know that development is the lifeline of the Android and it has been revealed that Google covers the cost of Android development simply with mobile ads. So, you can certainly expect the Android to become bigger and better through perpetual development.

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