Sony to Integrate PlayStation into Its Bravia TVs

By AustinP | Games

When it comes to computer entertainment and gaming, no other company than SONY does it better. With over 25 years of gaming heritage, SONY CE has managed to do a lot more that no other console or gaming empire has come close to.

After the remarkable success of PS1, PS2, PSP and the ongoing PS3, Sony have taken their technology to an all new height and have offered a new series of gaming where they plan to integrate the PS2 into their HD Bravia televisions. Users will now be able to play classic PS2 titles without any extra connectivity onto an HD Bravia television that fits the bill accurately.

Sony PlayStation Bravia TV

The Sony Bravia TV model that is in discussion for the integration is the KDL-22PX300. This is a 22 inch LCD TV that supports HD and will have a built in PS2 gaming console. It will be able to support 720p resolutions and will have 4 additional HDMI ports for added connectivity.

It shall also introduce three USB ports as well as SCART, VGA and component video connectors. The LCD will also have twin optical digital outputs, headphones and audio outputs to provide gamers with surround sound. WIFI should be an accessible option that can be integrated with the help of an external USB dongle.

The Sony PlayStation Bravia is currently set to be released in the UK with a price tag of around GBP 200. It comes bundled with one controller and the standard features that the PlayStation2 supports. Although the PS3 is a better option, the PlayStation Bravia is a much more affordable option. Gamers can slip in their PS2 discs and enjoy the best of classic entertainment.

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