Sony Responds to PSN Outage With an Email

By Sidharth | Gadgets

From the past one week, it has been nothing short of a nightmare for the PlayStation users. First the PlayStation Network was pulled down due to external intruders, and next we witnessed what Guardian says as the worst security breach in history where 77 million users’ personal information was at stake, in the hands of hackers.

As a customer, in this bumpy ride, there is nothing much we could do other than hoping for things to settle down. And, in order to refresh our memories, Sony blasted out an email stating an explanation of the recent PSN outage. Here is the entire email that I received exactly an hour ago:

There are some crucial pointers in the email that you should make a note of — scam email, phone calls that ask for personal information in the name of Sony should be avoided, for instance.

On the other hand, out of millions of PSN users, some of the infuriated ones have filed a lawsuit against Sony. The lawsuit claims that Sony violates the law by its shoddy handling of credit card information.

At one end of the string, we have hackers exploiting the system while at the other end are the customers spiraling down the throat of Sony with the hopes of having their personal information intact. The attack has clearly demeaned Sony’s iconic status and if Sony doesn’t settle this matter on a positive note, then its future is evidently hanging by a thread.

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