Stay Away From The “Free iPhone 5 Giveaway” Scam on Facebook

By Sidharth | News

Before Facebook became mainstream, spammers and scammers had to go an extra mile to find their targets. Now, it’s really easy to reach unlimited number of audience through Facebook. As the world’s leading social networking site, spams are no longer new to Facebook and its users. Everyone is almost used to it — some ignore it, while others unconsciously fall for it. Here’s another scam related to iPhone, one that is quickly becoming viral on Facebook.

As is the case with other scam, this one not only promises free iPhone 5 smartphones but also takes control of your Facebook account and spreads the message to your friends by randomly tagging them. How it does this, we don’t know, but staying away from all of these scams will keep your account safe.

Free iPhone 5 Giveaway Scam

If you came across a photo similar to the one above on your Facebook timeline, then your friend has been funneled into the trap successfully. The fake “offer” claims that Apple is giving away free iPhone 5 as the device has been a hit all over the world — although the second part is true, but don’t ever think of Apple giving away “free” smartphones, that too 600 units, to anyone on the Internet.

The description below the photo links to a Tumblr site, which redirects to another offer page. Depending on your location, a form appears — filling this form or taking action, like adding credit card details, is equivalent to supporting spammers. They make money out of all this.

Don’t even think of going that far. The bottom line is to stay away from such scams. This iPhone 5 scam reminds us of free t-shirt scam that was a hit last year.

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