The Latest on Chrome OS Devices | Google, Verizon Working on Chrome OS Project

By Jay Shah | Google

After conquering PC’s and notebooks with relative ease, Google’s Chrome now faces the next challenge. And this maybe the most difficult frontier to conquer because mobile devices do not represent the easiest platform to work on. But work is on at full swing and you may soon see how the Chrome is shaping up on a mobile device.

The latest reports also suggest that Verizon may be a partner in some of these devices, which will also have advanced wireless capabilities and will be based on Google Code for Chrome.

The latest discussions between the development team can be viewed on the Google Code page and this is where the Verizon hint was taken from. The latest bits on UI changes are stored in a folder called ‘Verizon’.verizon_chrome_os

Since these are just mockups, it may be quite possible that the person who was working on them, made a randomly named folder, choosing one of the probable carriers. However, it is perhaps more than just a coincidence if you keep in mind the fact that earlier this year, Verizon had stated that the company is working with Google for manufacturing tablets.

While some of those tablets may well be with the rising Android OS, it is pretty safe to say that others will be with the Chrome OS because Google is keen to work on that front too. The success of Droid phones means that Google and Verizon know that they can go good things as a team, and it may be the pillar on which the Chrome project rests.


The latest issue of Net Neutrality has perhaps brought Google and Verizon closer than they ever were. But then again, this is no way a guarantee that they will bring out Chrome OS devices in the near future.

There are several other pointers in the mockups which indicate the presence of Verizon is the Chrome project. A post even suggests that users will be able to buy 5GB data plans for their Chrome OS devices, much like what AT&T offers on the Apple iPad.

If and when Verizon comes out with Chrome devices, there may also be a discount on contract. And that is what will probably make the device a bestseller!

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