The New Layar Browser Player: An Augmented Reality Revolution

By Jay Shah | Internet

You may have heard about augmented reality being a key focus area for mobile applications now. In that case you may also know that there are very few tools to help include augmented reality technology in modern apps. And this is exactly where the new Layar Player, which has just been released, can come into play.

The problem is that while content is published on various augmented reality browsers, even individual apps aspire to have the tech on board. Layar is the most popular browser for this tech and the company has developed code which can be use by iPhone developers to embed Layar content in their apps.


What will this result in? Well, all apps will become akin to an augmented reality browser. Though some vendors like Total Immersion offer licensed SDKs that can be used to construct apps with augmented reality from scratch, the Layar solution is much simpler. And more importantly, it is free!

By including the Layar code in existing iPhone apps, developers can easily embed the Layar content. Layar says that it is as easy as embedding YouTube links on a webpage. This is undoubtedly the perfect solution for brands which want augmented reality in their apps, but are not ready to invest in a completely new app for this purpose.

There could be a wide range of applications for embedded Layar content in this manner. You could find store locations on your mobile phone retailer app, with an augmented reality view. However, for more advanced stuff such as barcode scanning on mobile phones, separate SDKs will have to be used.

But for all other looking to try a free and simple augmented reality solution for their apps, this is the real deal. Let’s see which new apps use the Layar code for augmented reality.

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