Twilight Paris Hilton Tops Twitter Search terms

By Sidharth | Google

Already there has been a lot of talks on Twitter micro blogging platform. Some of the people claim twitter as the next generation search engine and networking domain while on the other side, twitter is claimed to be a complete waste of time where you find people bragging about stuffs which they don’t really do in the real world. Nonetheless, for me twitter is kind of a nice way to keep in touch with some of the people and can be helpful sometimes in finding the information. (Can’t beat Google though 😀 )


And recently a research by Hitwise revealed the top twitter search terms among the twitter users. It is interesting to find the varied twitter audience search more of the entertaining entertainment movies and music stuff. According to the research “Twilight” was one of the top twitter searched term (Twilight is a popular romantic movie based on the novel Twilight by Stephenie Meyer) while Paris Hilton and Oprah were some of the highly searched keywords in the twitter world. Other sensible keywords include Obama, biggest loser and gardening which is interesting to note.

Certainly Twitter world isn’t totally Geek-ish as I thought 😛

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