7 Reasons Why Microsoft Surface Tablet Beats Apple iPad

By Sidharth | Opinion

We have certainly seen dozens of tablets trying to blur the gap between a laptop and a tablet, but all of them have failed to leave an impressive mark. Even with a sophisticated hardware, tweaked Operating System and low price tag, no tablets have been able to shake the sales out of the behemoth Apple iPad.

Looks like Microsoft can turn the tables, as it is all set to knock the iPad out with its Surface tablets.

Apple iPad Vs. Microsoft Surface

Microsoft has introduced two new tablets, one running on Windows RT and the other on Windows 8 Pro. Both the tablets are challenging the success of Apple iPad.

Here is why Microsoft Surface is better than Apple iPad:

1. The Touch and Type Cover converts the Surface tablet into a PC. These Covers come with a fully functioning keyboard and trackpad. You don’t have to buy them separately, like you used to do for your Apple iPad.

2. From the first look of the tablet, it is fair to say that Microsoft Surface aims to give functionality of a laptop with the convenience of a tablet, which Apple iPad clearly fails to do so.

3. The USB connectivity feature makes life easier. You can connect your flash drives as if you were using a PC or a laptop — Windows RT supports USB 2.0; Windows 8 Pro comes with USB 3.0 support.

4. I believe the Apple iPad is dumbed down for easy use while the 10.6-inch Microsoft Surface is geared towards serious computing, thanks to the kind of apps (Windows app) that will be very soon available in the Marketplace.

5. Gorilla Glass screen makes the screen durable while ClearType HD display delivers a vivid display on the Surface.

6. Microsoft Surface comes with a built-in stand, a much needed addition for users watching movies and video clips regularly. Another nifty addition that iPad lacks.

7. Having a Microsoft Surface means there’s no need to use the iTunes media player — it’s just awful.

Microsoft has also joined hardware sector with this new tablet, which means the company has put themselves in direct competition with its own hardware partners. This hardware venture gives Microsoft the ability to tightly pair hardware and software onto the Surface, making the tablet a reliable one, just like the iPads.

Plus, the new Windows OS is a breath of fresh air for those who are bored with the iOS.

But the success of the iPad is not just because of the hardware or software, it’s because of the number of quality apps available in the App Store. The biggest challenge to Microsoft will be to encourage developers to come up with solid applications.

For now, apps available in the Windows Marketplace — for Windows Phone 7 — have been highly disappointing.

Also, most of us use iPad purely for entertainment, not to get the work done. For serious computing, one needs to move to a much better device — like a laptop, or Microsoft Surface. If the price is right (not announced yet) and the battery lasts as long as iPad, Microsoft Surface definitely has the potential to triumph against Apple iPad.

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