Android OS, Apple iOS and BlackBerry: What do the Latest Mobile OS Stats Say?

By Jay Shah | Cell Phones

All Android, Apple iOS and BlackBerry fans listen up, because here are some latest stats to help you take your debate to the next level. Web analytics firm Quantcast has just released some interesting data on mobile browsing in the US, via a blog post. The full statistics obtained from their studies will be released soon.

What you have right now is a graph showing share of mobile web consumption in the US. This graph reveals that Android is on a high, with 25% of the total market share to its name. This has also eaten into the share of Apple’s iOS, which has gone down from 67% in May 2009 to 56% now.

But it is the future forecast which is even more interesting. According to Quantcast, if Android continues to grow at this rate, it will attain parity with the iOS in another twelve months! But things will not be so simple, because as far as the core numbers are concerned, both mobile operating systems are growing and the market share change does not mean that either of them is not doing well.


In this regard, the RIM’s blackberry numbers should be source of worry for the company and fans alike, because even though they hold nearly 10% of the market right now, there is no significant growth for them. All other operating systems combined, also have the same market share as RIM.

So, there is no further doubt that the future of mobile Web will be shaped by only two players (as things stand currently): Google and Apple. Sorry, BlackBerry fans!

The other graph prepared by Quantcast shows that Android has increased its market share not just by cutting into that of Apple, but other operating systems too. This is also Android best monthly gain since November 2009.

Interestingly, Web Applications has also released some data, which highlights the dominance of iOS as global mobile powerhouse. Devices that run the iOS make up 1.1% of all hardware accessing the web, while Android comes far behind at 0.2%.

So, quite clearly, while the Android may be rocking in the US, worldwide it still has a long way to go before emulating the iOS.

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