The Android 2.2 Audio Streaming Problem

By Jay Shah | Android

For those of you who are going to receive the Android 2.2 update on your phones, here’s a word of warning. Those who have already used the updated Google operating system, say that there is a flaw which renders absolutely poor quality sound on audio streams.

Even the best headphones sound awful while listening to streaming music on Pandora or MOG with Android 2.2. Quite strangely enough the same music sounds quite good on the Android 2.1 OS version! So the fault clearly lies with the new OS, and not the headphones or phone hardware.

The issue with Android 2.2 OS

Though the notes and lyrics are audible, the music is muddled and variations are lost on Android 2.2. And now the root cause of the problem is steadily coming to light. A lengthy bug report on Google Code has revealed that the there is an issue with the new Stagefright media framework.

Google has switched over from the OpenCore framework used in earlier version of the Android to the Stagefright and clearly this has not worked out. Stagefright supports HTTP progressive streaming quite well, but cannot deal with AAC+ and eAAC+ media codec, which are used by most streaming media apps and websites.

So does it mean that you will not be able to listen to streaming music on an Android device equipped with the latest 2.2 operating system? Actually you might, because a fix is in the pipeline.

Google has released a statement saying that they have fixed the bug and are working with their partners to update all devices suffering from this problem as soon as possible. Though the company has not announced by which date the changes will be effective, you can expect corrective action to be taken soon enough.

This should also come as good news to the various streaming music service providers such as Pandora, MOG and TuneWiki. This is because most users have been blaming them for poor quality music and not the OS, because such major flaws have rarely been reported about Android operating systems. And if you were about to find your way back to the Android 2.1 for some good quality music, wait a while longer!

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