The BlackBerry OS 6.0: What to Look Forward to?

By Sidharth | Cell Phones

Its official now: Research in Motion is soon to release the sixth and latest version of the BlackBerry mobile operating system, which will be called Blackberry 6. And you will surely agree that with the iOS 4 and the Android grabbing most of the headlines recently, this OS will be something to look forward to.

How the OS manages to revamp the BlackBerry and give it some its edge lost to the iPhone 4 is the real matter of interest here. When it is finally here (sometime in this quarter itself) can the head-to-head comparisons materialize but right now there are useful snippets of information about this OS.

Some of the features which will be new in the BlackBerry OS 6:

A redone home screen, which is simple yet appealing. It has two rows containing four applications each and allows the touch feature to swipe from left to right and view the various app categories. The screen has been designed to give you better customization control, something which has not been there on most BlackBerry devices thus far.

Universal search feature will allow you to seek whatever’s there in your BlackBerry. So, you can easily locate contacts, emails, music files, pictures and documents simply by typing the name in the search field. The same search feature can also be used to do a web-search.

Another added functionality is the new webkit browser that allows actions such as pinch-to-zoom and touch screen scrolling, at speeds which parallels that on the iPhone 4 and latest Android devices. Moreover, there is support for tabs and a new-look favorites menu.

Do more with Blackberry 6.0 OS..

Social networking has been integrated like never before. The new social feed apps allow view and post updates on a multitude of social websites such as Twitter, Facebook etc.
An all new multi-touch interface, along with a redesigned touch-keypad, for improved typing and responsive text-input.

Also the menus have been remodeled to make it easier to perform task without having to browse deep into the menu. You can touch icons on the screen to get more info about them, much like the right-click on a Windows PC.

Here is the official Blackberry OS sneak peak video:

You may feel that the iOS4 and Android 2.1/2.2 already have these features and more. But BlackBerry devices will surely receive a boost with the new OS offering RIM loyalists what they have been missing out on. And RIM is not promising anything groundbreaking with this release, just something to revive its BlackBerry devices.

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