Google Semantic Search – A Threat to Bloggers

By Sidharth | Google

Google Search Engine has evolved over the years by making frequent changes in its design and the search algorithm. The company has helped millions of users find relevant websites and information in no time. For many of us, Google is almost synonymous with Internet.

Google is also an aid to webmasters and bloggers as it brings search traffic to their websites, which means more readers and ultimately more money to the website owner, thanks to Google-owned networks like Google Adsense.

The Improved Google Search Engine

Google is now moving forward. The future Google Search Engine will be built entirely on the semantic search algorithm, which will help users find what they are looking for without having to visit websites.

Need proof? Search for height of Albert Einstein on Google and this is what you get:

Google Users Search

The list of website links are pushed down while on the top of the search page is the answer to the search query. When you search a popular game release (example), the semantic algorithm will retrieve and display the exact date of the game release.

Google’s data centers have all the required data to make semantic search possible. The Google bots crawls hundreds of websites, aggregates data and if the user query matches with the available data, a semantic search result, like the one above, will be displayed.

This is what semantic search is all about — ask a question and Google brings the answer to you in less than a second.

Google Draining Pageviews of Websites

When you click on Show details, Google references the websites used to bring the semantic search result. Even then, these semantic search results can be a serious threat to small-time webmasters and bloggers who are solely depending on Google for traffic.

Let’s us consider that you run a The Beatles fan-made website; now, whenever a user searches for this band on Google, this is the search results page the user will see:

Optimized Google Search
Image source: Reddit.

Larry Page said the perfect search engine understands exactly what you mean and gives you back exactly what you want, and the above search result page is really helpful from an end-user point of view. However, bloggers and webmasters, your sites pageviews will be reduced drastically.

Sadly, some of the bloggers blogging in specific niche may notice a slump in their traffic. Some of the bloggers may have to strain every nerve, work even harder to get good traffic from Google.

On a related note, in the near future Google is planning to bring voice translation onto mobile phones and computers. For instance, you speak a sentence in English to your phone and the voice will be automatically translated into another language.

Such voice-to-voice translation is helpful. Similarly, semantic search results will help users get what they are looking for without having to browse through endless number of webpages.

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