Google Voice Poor Service: is it Stuttering?

By Jay Shah | Google

Google voice was recently integrated into Gmail with much fanfare but it looks like things are starting to go a bit pear shaped. Though this is not a general consensus yet, various users have complained of poor service over the past week on Google Voice. So what’s going on here?

Users say that some of the inbound calls are muted on one end, which means that callers can hear them, but they cannot. Making outgoing calls too has become quite difficult and many attempts are being required to get through. And perhaps to make matters more difficult, calls to Google PR to ask for help are failing too!

If you are receiving normal service on Google Voice don’t start scratching your head, because as mentioned earlier this is not a mass problem yet. But how things have developed in the last three months, it could well be.


If you remember correctly, Google Voice was an invitation only service (like the Gmail of old) until June. In June Google decided to open the gates for all and sundry, and user count surged drastically when that happened. And then last week, Voice was integrated with Gmail, which allowed users to make and receive calls from the mail window.

Amazingly 1 million calls were made from Gmail in 24 hours, according to official Gmail stats. But perhaps this was a surge that brought the setup to its knees. Or is it just a coincidence that the thus far excellent Voice service is suddenly stumbling? Only Google has an answer to that.

But if industry insiders are to be believed, this is not a minor surge related issue. Gmail and Google Voice internal systems are supposedly in conflict and so they are not working well. And Google has no proper backend to handle a service of this scale and bound to grow even bigger.

It may be easy to slate Google based on these reports, but let’s not forget that until more users come up with their version or Google comes up with a statement, nothing can be ascertained completely. Moreover, the new Gmail Voice service still in beta and issues like this may occur.

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