HD video recording: Sony Ericsson Vivaz Phone Is It A Worthy Heir to Satio?

By Jim Roberts | Cell Phones

One among the giant names in the electronic industry, Sony Ericsson, is not alienated when it comes to manufacturing the latest model phones with excellent cameras.

As a matter of fact, the latest Sony Ericsson Vivaz is just another addition to the company’s line of awesome handheld phones with satisfactory camera. Sony Vivaz runs on the European third generation frequencies and is impressively able to be used for incessantly auto focusing a 720 pixels of video recording through its PowerVR GPU and 720MHz Cortex A8.

Sony vivaz phone

Based on various consumer reviews, Vivaz succeeded the Satio model of one Swedish-Japanese firm in terms of high definition video shoots.

Sony Ericsson Vivaz possess an awesome 8.1MP camera designed especially to allow trouble free upload of YouTube videos and store them on the phone’s 8GB memory card.

Short Sony  Ericsson Vivaz Review

This Sony Vivaz is of course equipped with touchscreen technology, a resistive one at that, with an ergonomic layout that fits perfectly with the palm of your hand. Though it is not as smooth as compared to HTC Legend and iPhone, nevertheless the screen is still responsive and does not require additional pressure to get the screen to activate.

HD Recording of Sony Ericsson Vivaz Phone

Holding the phone is already a good experience. Today’s social generation will surely want to get hold of the Vivaz for it has an excellent set of multi-media and social networking features. The Vivaz may be placed in line with (and possibly be preferred more than) LG InTouch Max GW620 and Nokia X6.

The physical layout of Vivaz fits perfectly on the hand of the user and is lightweight but not necessarily flimsy. The entire surface of the phone is loaded with smoothness, and as a result it can slip from the hand quite often if you are not cautious in handling it.

Together with the LCD display and being totally plastic made, there is nothing to be set aside with the Vivaz design.


There are four color combinations to choose from if you are interested to purchase a Vivaz, one that I have tried is the Moon Silver. Its back panel is colored silver with sides covered in dark blue shade.

Several buttons too are on the Vivaz phone namely the menu, and end call buttons on the handset front, volume and camera buttons on the right side and a power button on the top. The package contains several supplementary items like microUSB cable for connecting it to the PC.

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