Hidden Facebook Scams: Serious Threat to Users?

By Jim Roberts | Opinion

Just recently I have received two email notifications from Facebook that said a friend commented and tagged a photo of me, just the usual, right? But what set my senses on alarm is a reference to an application ‘Who stalks into your profile’.

I did the most natural thing and checked the facebook app. First I double checked if it was indeed from Facebook. No warnings ever occurred when I searched about the app’s title and even the installation has nothing malicious in it so I went on.

Guess what, my instincts were right because eventually I discovered that it is a scam on Facebook. After having installed the app for stalkers, it created a tableau of photo with images of friends complete with comments. Then as a result, Facebook system will send a notification about this. It is such an effective way to advertise, one that spawns dishonest revenue for advertisements online.

Since Facebook is used by millions of people, phishers and spammers have been using the social network to propagate their illegal activities including the most wary installation of malwares into our very own PCs. Facebook, nevertheless, has been responsible in removing the application from my profile and all the rest of user profiles with it a day after the email and installation incident.

However, Facebook is still open for use by anyone with an account to create and then spread even a malicious application, so all users must be vigilant in the applications that they use. One possible way is for Facebook to first run a test on a created application before it is allowed to be distributed to users. But this is rejected by Facebook claiming that it could likely dampen down the network’s reputation of being open and free.

Instead, there are simple means to alleviate possible threats provided by the use of social networks discussed on facebook.com security issues page. This online page contains warnings and pieces of advice regarding the current scams proliferating in the network.

As a personal security measure, do not just run an app that features uncommon details like allowing you to see whoever has viewed your profile.

Adjust your personal settings and select only those details which you want to be publicly available in your Facebook profile.

In all, we just need extra cautiousness when running applications on Facebook as there are really no definite ways to recognize each and every threat or danger on Facebook.

About the Author

Holding a dual degree in both Management and IT with 13 years of business experience, I am Jim F. Roberts from California, USA. Needless to say, I am a techy guy and I love exploring, checking out the latest gadgets and sharing my thoughts on a lot of things.