Is iLet Mini HAL the Cheapest Internet Tablet?

By Sidharth | Opinion

It looks the recent tablet from Apple have invoked many companies to make an internet web tablet. The tablet fever has been hit with new ideas that brings benefits to the consumers.

There have been many small compact tablets that are already making a buzz around. Another notable internet tablet comes from a company – Haleron, who have entered the tablet battle arena with it’s iLet Mini HAL, which is perhaps the cheapest internet tablet available as of now.

iLet Mini HAL

Specification, features of iLet Mini HAL

  • 7-inch touch enabled display screen.
  • 600MHz VIA processor.
  • Support for popular audio format and images.
  • RAM: 128MB DDR2.
  • 16 hours active battery.
  • HARD DISK: 2GB NAND FLASH, Supports to 32GB Flash or 250GB USB.
  • 10GB Cloud Storage.
  • Android Apps are used.

Can this be the cheapest internet tablet?

Yes! iLet Mini HAL is only 199$ and it is cheaper compared to the rest of the best internet tablets, but you can’t expect a lot of features from this device. It’s like you get what you pay for. Although, for only 200 bucks you don’t really have anything to lose if you can compromise a little.

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