Is it Safe to Use iPad’s Charger to Charge iPhone?

By Sidharth | Apple

Can a powerful charger charge my iPhone faster? What if I use iPad’s charger to charge a new iPhone? Is it harmful to use a charger of one device to charge another? This article tries to explain everything you need to know about Apple’s charging adapters.

Charging adapters we receive with the Apple products may look similar to any untrained eye, but they are different in the way they draw power. The USB charging adapter of iPhone draws less power compared to the iPad’s adapter.

For a clearer picture, the table below shows voltage, current and power consumption of a normal iPhone and iPad charger:

Source Voltage Current Power
iPhone Charger 5 volts 1.0 amps 5 watts
iPad Charger 5.1 volts 2.1 amps 10 watts
From the above table: it is clear that the iPhone charger is half the watts and amps compared to iPad’s charger. Voltage, however, remains almost the same.

Let’s assume the iPad takes 2 hours to fully charge on an iPad adapter (10-watt charger). Now plug an iPhone charger (5-watt charger) in the iPad, and the iPad will now take 4 hours to fully charge.

This naturally means that the iPad’s USB power charger when plugged into iPhone charges the iPhone 200% faster.

Charging an iPhone 5 using power adapter

Sure, charging iPhone 200% faster sounds satisfying, but you may want to throw this idea out of the window. Charging can happen significantly faster, yes, but not at double the rate.

More importantly, it’s a known fact that more power can hurt the device’s battery.

If you are going to constantly use a powerful charger to charge your iPhone, then expect your iPhone’s battery to die faster as well.

However, both iPhone and iPad are putting out 5 voltage. In other words, there’s no doubling of voltage and that means devices will utilize whatever current it requires, if I am not wrong.

Companies usually design products such a way that it consumes what is requires, despite the influx of additional power supply. Apple doesn’t have a same charger for all their devices because every device has different power demand. Although we hope Apple Engineers know what they are doing — they are in a billion dollar company for a reason, isn’t it? — but try to charge your devices using the same charger it was packed with.

I reached out to a friend who has been using one charger to charge both iPad and iPhone since the last one year, and the devices seem to work fine. In anyway, I don’t think occasionally charging an iPhone with iPad’s charger (or the other way around) will cause any problem.

The iPad mini, on the other hand, ships with a 5-watt charger (8-pin connector), so anyone can confidently use this adapter to charge their iPhone 5.

Do you have any questions? Are you using a same charging adapter for all your Apple devices? Feel free to leave your comments below!

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