The Positives That Come With the New Chrome 5 Beta That You Will Surely Like!

By Jim Roberts | Internet

Chrome BrowserLike many new things, many brows were raised even before the release of the Chrome 5 Beta. Will it be as good as its company’s claims?

But when Google made the announcement, the brows leveled as users excitedly explored opened possibilities of greater speed. More so, users discovered the exceptional browser sync, the reliable built-in Flash plug in and additional HTML5.

The recently released Chrome 5 Beta, enabling over 30% speed gain for both Sunspider and V8, gave promising new features and Javascript developments. Along with the increase in speed, Chrome gave a commendable performance of over 200%, and over 300% for the benchmarks set on Sunspider and V8.

Google also stated that the Chrome’s Javascript engine continue to be its trailblazer since its 2008 release. In fact, the demands of Gmail and Facebook, both laden with Javascript needs, have been met commendably. Compared to other browsers, V8 reportedly boosted their efficiency as far as optimizations and tweaks are concerned.

Video of Chrome Speed Test

Now, speed is not all that there is to the new Chrome. In fact, the bookmark syncing capabilities have gotten even bigger and allow syncing of browser choices much more convenient. Data like themes, startup and web content settings, and language and homepage settings, among others, can now be synced with much ease. For starters, just choose Set Up Sync, provide your Google account details and then you’re ready to proceed customizing what you desire to be synced.

There are other good news that comes with the speed and additions. With Chrome, installing and using extensions is no longer difficult or taxing. In fact, users can do all these while browsing on the sides. The always updated Adobe Flash Player plug-ins ensures that security and features are well in place. It’s a worry-free option for this Chrome Beta, considering that the older versions pose the risk of security threat and losing important features.

As far as the recent HTML5 features like APIs, app cache, web sockets and geolocation, Chrome can now dig into all these, providing users with speed and ease in using all these web apps, among others.

For those interested, the Chrome 5 Beta can be downloaded through Linux, Windows or Mac OSX users. Be warned, however, that you must uninstall all or any other developer or existing Chrome version before downloading as it may affect existing browser settings.

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