McDonalds Answers Why Burgers Look Different in TV Commercials

By Sidharth | Opinion

Have you ever wondered why the burgers in commercials looks good? The food we see in the TV commercials are different than what we get in the store. Food we get in stores may be messy, does not have ingredients or two and isn’t fresh all the time, while what we see on the TV ad is drastically different.

Take for example the McDonalds burger. The burgers look puffy, has layers filled with cream, and they certainly look big and mouth-watery in all the commercials.

Buy these burgers in the McDonalds store and you will know how small they are. The burgers we witness in the commercials rely on stylists, photographers and image editors.

The marketing team at McDonalds take several hours to arrange each layer, shoot from a perfect angle and edit till everything looks fine and dandy. Here is an surprisingly honest video from McDonalds Canada revealing the scenes behind the burgers photo shoot:

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