Do you Like the new Facebook?

By Sidharth | Opinion

Millions of users got their alarm bells ringing as Facebook switched to a fresh new look today.

New Facebook

This is the biggest update of Facebook news feed as it includes a series of enhancements to motivate users to actively engage and keep themselves socially-connected with friends.

Reasons Why I don’t like the new Facebook:

1. Top news and most recent news feed have been merged. Why would you fix something that ain’t broke? I really miss the option to switch between top and most recent news.

2. Rather than updates appearing in chronological order, the news feed will display news by creating a pattern of individual’s habit. Thanks Facebook, I have no control anymore.

3. The new live ticker on the sidebar demands me to roll my eyes to the right every time I want to know what everyone else is doing on Facebook.

This is a strenuous exercise which should take a while to get used to.

4. I’m not really a fan of real-time, and the new Facebook has awfully incorporated real-time updates to its new look. It’s definitely not that easy to choose what you’d like to read as the stream of updates just flows relentlessly.

5. Duplicate news pop up once in a while in the main feed. This needs to be fixed.

6. The pop up preview window is sluggish. And I don’t particularly embrace the “your own personal newspaper” idea.

Adhering to the frequent changes can be frustrating for an end user. However, we saw the new design coming, because Facebook was losing the battle to Google Plus, which is publicly available for everyone.

The good news? Facebook is working on fine-tuning the user experience, which means the part where Facebook just stops working, or freezes when you flip through the photos, will be eliminated in the coming days.

Also, Facebook hasn’t completed carted the old Facebook off. You can still revert to the older version of Facebook by switching to English UK version. As you’d expect, this workaround won’t last forever.

To activate old Facebook, go to Account Settings > Language > English (UK).

I don’t particularly hate the new Facebook, but the fact is, millions of people don’t have the time to learn something new all the time.

Facebook is a spaceship loaded with 750 million users and this change is going to garner more eyeballs than before. Some of us might not like the new Facebook but for those who really want to stay in touch with their friends and loved ones have no other option than to get used to it.

What do you think about the new Facebook? Like it, or hate it, let me know…

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